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    Morning Habits That Start at Night

    Are you a morning person? I definitely am. Even on days where I try and sleep in, my body naturally wakes up around 7/7:30 almost all the time. We’re all guilty of doing things in the morning though that don’t give the advantage of starting the day off right. Like checking your phone the second you wake up – why do we do that? Today’s post is about 5 things you can ditch to better start your mornings that actually begin with how you go to bed. 1. Go to Bed Early It’s not new information and yet most people don’t actually do it. Going to bed early is one…

  • Wedding Day

    How To Re-Live Your Wedding Day

    Today marks the end of wedding posts (for now) and I hope you enjoyed them! This last one is about how to re-live your special day by adding in one small detail. The idea I’m sharing isn’t my own, however. I religiously watch Youtuber, Lydia Elise Millen and she planned her wedding a few years ago and this idea came from her. Once I watched Lydia announce this on her channel, I knew it was a must for Shaun and I when the time came. It’s not ground breaking or anything like that, just a simple way to help bring you back to your wedding day. Funny how some things can do…

  • Husband and wife

    A Letter to My Husband

    A year ago today we said “I do” but it still feels like yesterday.  You are my everything and if I did one thing right throughout my life so far, it was marrying you this day last year. You are my person, through and through.  I have never seen you sexier than the way you looked on our wedding day. My Prince Charming, looking so dapper in his suit. With so much thought and effort put into your attire, you shined so bright. Your smile was so handsome and if I wasn’t already proud to stand beside you before our wedding day, I sure as heck was that day. I’ve…

  • Shoes

    Wedding Shoes of Dreams

    There is no hiding it – I love my shoes. Since I can remember, my shoes have always, always been my favourite part of my outfits. And when I say shoes, I mostly mean heels. My side of the closet is stacked with shoes I’ve collected over the years and they all tell a story. But my favourite ones – like the ones I will stare at all dreamy-eyed for the rest of my life, are my wedding shoes.  Before I ever met Shaun I always knew I wanted a pair of designer shoes for my wedding day. I wanted a pair that would be special and that would make…