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4 Youtubers For The 30-Something Year Old To Watch

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For quite some time now, I’ve been an avid Youtube watcher. It all started with watching tutorials and trying to learn how to do a damn winged liner (which is still a work in progress many years later) to now watching 4 women on the regular. 

If you ask Shaun, I am almost always watching some kind of Youtube video. I rarely watch tv anymore but if I am, it’s usually a Friends episode that we have in our PVR vault. Youtube is such a crazy world, in all honestly. It’s a space I’ve thought of dabbling into at one point, but for the time being I’m okay with being on the other side of the screen. There are endless videos you can watch, though. Everything from learning how to boil an egg to how to reframe your house, it really has something for everyone. 

These four women I’m subscribed to are all for different things and for a variety of reasons. Once you begin watching a Youtuber, you become invested in their personal life and become part of their community. I often find myself sharing their stories with Shaun and love seeing them progress within their careers – and their videos often give some kind of motivation to put towards yours, too. I find it both therapeutic and fun to watch their channels. So, without rambling on too much more, see below for the four women I follow and who every woman in their 30-somethings should, too!

Lydia Elise Millen

Lydia Elise Millen Youtuber

In no particular order, first up is Lydia Elise Millen. When I first stumbled on her Youtube channel, I was hesitant to subscribe because of her high-end lifestyle. But the more I watched her videos, the more I became invested in her story and watching her grow. Lydia’s lifestyle is something to honestly aspire to and her home is serious house goals but I’d say she’s also pretty well-known for her collection of designer handbags. The girl has quite the collection and for that alone, her channel is incredible. She has a great sense of humour and comes across as a truly genuine person even through the screen. If there is anyone on Youtube that gives you motivation to work on or figure out your own crap, it’s definitely her. I often find myself having to be careful of what time it is when I sit down to watch her videos because I become so motivated to work on my own things after. Her content is fresh, inspiring, and authentic. I truly think she’s a great one to watch and she often publishes 1 hour vlogs which I mean, those are the best ones. 

Desi Perkins

Desi Perkins Youtuber

Desi is a beauty Youtuber and I began watching her videos for makeup tutorials and it wasn’t long after I stumbled on her account that I was hooked. This girl is the real deal and hella funny. She says it like it is and I often find myself trusting in her opinions for any makeup recommendations. In recent months though, I’ve become invested in her and her husband Steven’s fertility journey. They’ve started another channel, The Perkins, where they share their story in episodes. If there is anyone right now sharing raw, genuine content about trying to start a family, it’s her. If fertility journeys are something you’re interested in watching, her channel will give you all the feels and all the honesty. She just recently broke the internet by sharing her happy news on Mother’s Day announcing that they’re pregnant and I was so incredibly excited for her. Her genuine and humble personality makes it so easy to become invested in her story and is the epitome of sending good vibes to a complete stranger.

Nicole Guerriero

Nicole Guerriero Youtuber

There’s no denying that she’s pretty funny and I mainly follow Nicole for her beauty content. She uses products that she’s familiar with and doesn’t give attention to those she doesn’t believe in. She often talks through her makeup videos staying true to her roots and gives advice on how to properly apply products often with tips and tricks. One thing I’ve grown to love to watch from her is her Halloween makeup looks. This. Girl. Kills. It. We’re in quarantine right now, so if you’re looking for some serious binge watching, take a peak at the looks she creates – they don’t disappoint and every year they get better than the last. I love her beauty and lifestyle recommendations that she gives and the realness of her videos. Another genuine Youtuber you won’t be sorry you started watching. 

Joëlle Anello

Joëlle Anello Youtuber and Blogger

Last but not least, we have Toronto Youtuber (and blogger), Joëlle. I just recently came across her channel, and I’ve been loving it. She’s really down to earth and I absolutely love that she’s from Toronto and so relatable. She does great makeup and skincare product reviews (which she convinced me I had to have the Charlotte Tilbury liner and, yes, yes it is amazing), but she also vlogs her home life with her adorable son, Benny. She just recently moved from her condo to a new home and it’s been so nice watching the transition and getting inspiration for whenever we decide to make the same move. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s super funny as well, keeping content light and fun.

And that’s it! There’s obviously a million more Youtubers out there to watch and lots of others that I do, too, but these ones personally stand out to me and I find that I can relate to them on so many different levels. It’s pretty amazing that these women created their own community within their brands and the relationships they’ve built with their subscribers. Youtube surely is such a wonderful thing.

Are you a Youtube watcher and if so, which channels do you follow – I’m always looking for more!

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