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8 Things To Do For Self Care Days

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The last few weeks for me have been a little on the overwhelming side. It’s important to recognize when you need a little self care and some time for yourself. In the last couple weeks, there has been ups, downs, and everything in between. I pulled away from social media for a bit to gather myself, and although that helped, I always find myself looking for other ways to make me feel better and what better way than doing a little self care.

If you read my post about Mental Health in Quarantine, you’ll already know that when we were told to stay home, my world got flipped on the side a little (as I’m sure many others did, too). My mental health routine was taken away from me and I had to adapt and find other ways to cope.

With these last few weeks being a lot to take in, I’ve found myself resorting to the things I know and love that always pull me up out of a place I don’t want to be in. In today’s post, I talk about a few things you can do to help lift your spirits when you need that extra little help to recharge and feel like yourself again. Originally I titled this post, Self Care Sundays, but after some thought and reflection I came to realize that self care doesn’t just happen on Sundays, and I think that’s important to remember when we don’t feel our best. Below are some things that I turn to in order to feel a little more like me when I need it and hopefully you find some things that can help you, too.

Take a Bath

For me, this is a given. I’m a bath person and when I really need to unwind and give myself the space I need, I fill the tub, add in my fav Bath Buddies products, and soak away. Sometimes I soak in complete darkness and other times I bring in my laptop and watch some Youtube videos. Either way, I use my bath time as a means of an escape.

Do Your Nails

I definitely, definitely prefer getting my nails done at the salon but I also don’t mind doing an at-home mani every now and then, either. I like doing this when I’m watching tv or have nothing on the go for the day. I feel as though it’s an activity that helps calm my mind and allows me to really relax and zone out.

Read a Book

Sometimes for me this is easier said than done. While I love a good book (currently reading The Sweet Spot), I can only do this when I’m not working through feelings or have a lot on my mind. If I do, it’s almost counter productive and I struggle to take in what I’m actually reading. But on days where I feel like I can truly concentrate and am in a good place but still need something to turn to, I reach for a book for a quick escape.

Listen To a Podcast

This goes hand in hand for me when cleaning. I’ve found over the years that cleaning helps me think and clear my head (don’t tell the husband I don’t mind doing this). It gives me a chance to gather my thoughts while doing meaningless tasks that don’t require me to think. While I usually have a music playlist going, I also absolutely love listening to a good podcast while cleaning too that gives me the chance to think about other topics other than the ones always circling in my head.

Do a Hair & Face Mask

If there is one skincare routine that I love doing, it’s doing a mask of any kind. Doing a mask lets you concentrate on something else and puts your energy into something fun and beneficial. I’m a sucker for a great mask and always turn to this when I need a quick pick-me up.

Light Your Favourite Candle

Such a simple thing to do that can bring an emence amount of joy. I will be the first to admit that I hated burning my favourite candles because I didn’t want to waste them but in these months at home, I’ve come to realize that these days are the best days and what am I really saving them for anyways? I have a current favourite candle that I’ve begun lighting during the days because the smell of it makes me incredibly happy. Look for the things in your home that bring you happiness and enjoy them.

Practice Gratitude

For a while now, I have been plugging away at my Five Minute Journal and I must say, what a way to get yourself thinking differently. In all honesty, I don’t recall a time where I sat in the morning and reflected on how thankful I am for small things in life and then doing the same before bed. While I’ll admit I haven’t been completely consistent with it (my bed times are completely off the rail), it has given me such an overwhelming sense of gratitude for things I would never think twice about. When I’m feeling low, I reach for my journal and reflect on things that have made me happy that day.

Bake a Treat

Is there really a need to explain this one? I mean, this is a great one and for so many reasons. As a lover of sweets, when I feel overwhelmed I find myself baking sometimes. I’ve mentioned before in another blog post that baking transports my mind to happier times and lets me escape whatever negativity I may be feeling. Next on our menu for this week is banana chocolate chip – a condo staple for us at this point.


We as humans are not built to always be happy. It’s just not possible to go around feeling your best and smiling from ear to ear every single day. We all have days when we feel a little more down than others. In my case, my days seem to last a little longer than I’d really like, but doing some of these things I’ve listed above helps to manage the dark feelings and give my mind a break.

Tell me, what are some things you do for yourself for a little pick-me up on your not so happy days?

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