Husband and wife

A Letter to My Husband

A year ago today we said “I do” but it still feels like yesterday. 

You are my everything and if I did one thing right throughout my life so far, it was marrying you this day last year. You are my person, through and through. 

I have never seen you sexier than the way you looked on our wedding day. My Prince Charming, looking so dapper in his suit. With so much thought and effort put into your attire, you shined so bright. Your smile was so handsome and if I wasn’t already proud to stand beside you before our wedding day, I sure as heck was that day. I’ve never seen you that happy and with a smile so big in our ten years together. It showed me you were just as happy with the decision to get married as I was, lol. 

What a ride it has been and looking back on our wedding day, I could not have dreamed of a more perfect day. Things went wrong and not to plan, but in those moments none of it mattered. I became your wife and that was all I cared about. By far, the happiest day of my life. Thank you for making my dreams come true.

I love you. This first year of marriage was anything but easy and probably one of our most tested years since being together. So many peaks and valleys we experienced but one thing that remained constant was the support for the other. Both tackling things we never thought we would, but doing it all hand in hand is what we do best. Eating fugdeeos on the couch all teary eyed but still laughing was one of my favourite parts of being home with you. This first year of marriage showed us a glimpse into the future that it’s not always easy. That conversations and scenarios aren’t always what we’d thought they’d be but that after it all, we’re still standing beside each other. Dusting debris off the other, hardly standing but standing together. My knight in shining armour, picking me up at my lowest points and showing me that I don’t have to do life alone. You’re one hell of a partner and I’m so happy I locked you in for life.

We’ve said for years how amazing it would be if we could stay home, cuddle and watch movies, that what a dream it would be. And how crazy is it that in a twisted way, the universe gave us the gift of time to stay home together. Albeit, we never thought it’d be for 6 months lol, but what a gift for our first year of marriage. If you have taught me anything over the years, it has been to see the positive in things and to look for those reasons instead.

I am so excited for the future, this is just our beginning. The beginning of so many chapters unknown that hold so much promise and love. You are my everything, and I can’t wait to do it all with you. 

Ever thine.

Ever mine.

Ever ours.

Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary, Husband.


Your wife, 


(Ps. Brownie points if you can remember what movie those three lines are from).


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