Adopting With Save Our Scruff

Adopting a Puppy
Puppy Adopting

If you live in the GTA and you’re a puppy lover, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Save Our Scruff which is an adopting organization for dogs. Before we dive into the post though, you’ve been warned, you’re about to see some extremely cute pictures of our puppy, Parker who we adopted from SOS.

When we made the decision to get a puppy, we knew that whatever we did we wanted to do our best to find one we could adopt. We found Save Our Scruff through a friend who mentioned how amazing they were and they were right. We began following their IG account to watch for puppies coming in that would be a perfect fit for us.

This organization is truly something special. They take in stray dogs from outside of Canada and bring them here to a foster family. The dogs stay with their foster family until they’ve been adopted to their forever home. The adoption process is thorough and effective.

How We Met Parker

The process for getting Parker was lengthy but extremely worth it. Parker came to Canada from Los Angeles, California and we first met him at a meet and greet downtown Toronto inside a PetSmart. Save Our Scruff brings the dogs to local pet stores for people to meet and interact with the dogs (note that things might be a little different now though with Covid-19). Upon seeing Parker on their website, he was the sole reason why we drove downtown for their meet up. The moment we saw him, we knew he was meant for us.

We played with him and saw just how cute and friendly he was in person. If there was a puppy meant for us, he was definitely it.

The Process

Adoption Application

After meeting Parker and knowing he was for us, we immediately went home to fill out their adoption application. It’s a very in depth application but all necessary and understandable questions. Along with your form, you will also need to provide 3 references that confirm you’d be a great fit for a dog.

Pre-interview Questionnaire

After we submitted our application, we then had to provide pictures of our home to ensure our space was the perfect fit for Parker. We sent pictures of each room and even where his bed would be.

Phone Interview

Upon completing our application, we received an e-mail saying that a member of SOS would be calling us to comb over our application and chat about anything that needed clarification. It was a great conversation and one that we were truly excited to have. It just meant we were one step closer to making Parker officials ours.

Meet & Greet With The Foster Family

Once all the application things were done, we got to the step of visiting Parker at his foster home and have some one on one time with him. They were so good with him and gave us all the details and habits that they noticed about him. We were absolutely in love. And just to confirm how much we were meant to have him in our family, his foster mom sent us a text message after our visit saying Parker went to bed with a smile on his face that night. I mean, take my heart already.

The Approval

Shortly after our meet and greet with the foster family, we received an e-mail saying we were approved for adopting! We were incredibly thrilled to get that news and couldn’t wait to pick him up.

On February 22, 2018 Parker officially joined our family.

Adopting a Puppy
adopting a puppy
adopting a puppy

We are incredibly thankful to Save Our Scruff for the opportunity of adopting Parker into our lives. We laugh even more than we did before we got him because of the life he brings into our home. He’s quirky, sassy, and most of all, so incredibly loving.

If you’re in the process of looking for a puppy, consider adopting and check out their page of what dogs are currently available, here. Or, if you’re looking to foster a dog, you can also do that and can find that info here. But, if none of those are what you’re looking for at the moment but still want to help give dogs a better chance at life, you can always donate and do that here.

Puppy with toys

Do you have a pet? What are their names and some cute things about them?

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