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    Weekly Little Thing Series

    Weekly Little Thing, A Series

    Happy Thursday, everyone! Welcome to my new series, Weekly Little Thing. In a time where our worlds have been completely flipped upside down, we’ve had to reprioritize what’s important to us. Throughout 2020 there was an overwhelming response of people focusing on those little things that truly made life special. Materialistic things quickly took a backseat and allowed for reflection of what we really need to make us happy. Spoiler alert, it’s those simple, mundane things that make life so much of what it is. This series, Weekly Little Thing is here to give you some of that feel-good perspective. I truly hope that with these posts, you can pause,…

  • Motivated

    How to Stay Motivated Throughout the Year

    I think we can all agree that a new year comes with new goals and intentions. Like I mentioned in this post, I don’t set new year resolutions and actually haven’t for years – I think they’re a bunch of crap. I found them doing more damage than good. Often leaving me unsatisfied and with zero motivation to take on the year ahead despite what they’re intended for. In this blog post, I chat about ways to keep yourself motivated going into the months ahead. It’s important to set goals and plan what you’d like to achieve that year. That alone will provide you with all kinds of motivation. Take…

  • self-care
    Health & Fitness

    A Self-Care Box Fit For Anyone

    As the year comes to a close and reflections surface, there’s one thing that keeps coming to mind for me and that’s self-care. Whether in physical form or mental form, self-care has been a main topic for many throughout 2020. Finding ways to cope throughout the pandemic have been at an all time high. Self-care looks and feels different for everyone and it surely isn’t a one size fits all kinda thing. The other day it dawned on me just how much emphasis I put on self-care this year. I levelled up my skincare routines, bought books to help with my mindset, and even sought out therapy. It’s been a…

  • Christmas

    Thank You & Merry Christmas

    As if the universe for 2020 heard all our wishes and prayers, we woke up to a white Christmas this year! I don’t know about you, but I needed that sheet of snow to be here today. It adds to the Christmas magic and I’ll take all the magic I can get. However you are choosing to spend Christmas today, I hope it is filled with love, joy, and magic. Despite how different it is this year, let’s find some of the good feelings in all of it. Also, a very big thank you for coming along my blogmas journey and reading and engaging with all my holiday content. It…