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    5 Ways to Help Someone Through a Panic Attack

    Happy Tuesday, everyone! As I mentioned in February, I’ll be chatting about a mental health topic once a month! February’s post was about finding the right therapist for yourself and for this month, I thought I’d chat about panic attacks. More specifically, how to help someone through one. Panic attacks are relatively new to me. They began back in October and I’ve had some pretty bad ones in not so ideal times. I thought about panic attacks from my husband’s perspective though and how he’s helped and thought that maybe I should share what he’s done because it’s worked. I am not a professional and these are techniques that have…

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    Mental Health: Finding the Right Therapist for You

    Mental health is something I want to talk about more on my blog. Make it a space where people can come and feel less isolated with their feelings or mental state. I also think it’s important to talk about in general and all year around, not just on Bell Let’s Talk day. With that being said, I’m thinking that along with my Little Things Series, I’ll make a point of discussing one mental health topic on the last Tuesday of every month. I wish I thought of this at the beginning of the year to get 12 full blogs out there, but maybe I’ll publish a double one month, we’ll…

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    Bell Let’s Talk — About Depression & Anxiety

    Depression is no joke. It’s a silent killer. It cripples you from the inside out.  If you’ve experienced it, you know this. If you haven’t, take part in the conversation anyway because you most likely know someone who has. For literally years, I’ve wanted to share and be open about my struggles with depression and in recent years, anxiety. I wanted to share because if there was anyone in my life that felt the same way, I wanted them to know they weren’t alone because it can often feel like that. I wanted to share that there are ways to cope and see the light again.  When #BellLetsTalk began back…

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    Birthday Reflections Tangled With Mental Health

    Ever feel like your birthday is a reset button on the year? A time to re-evaluate some things, a time to zone in on what makes you happy, or where you’re at in life. With my birthday in January it always felt like a second chance to refocus and put my best foot forward.  This time last year though, I didn’t do that. I was experiencing one of the darkest times of my life and was it ever hard. Going back to October 2019, I started feeling depressed and began having anxiety attacks at work. I would get home from work before Shaun and start dinner, having everything ready by…