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    Morning Habits That Start at Night

    Are you a morning person? I definitely am. Even on days where I try and sleep in, my body naturally wakes up around 7/7:30 almost all the time. We’re all guilty of doing things in the morning though that don’t give the advantage of starting the day off right. Like checking your phone the second you wake up – why do we do that? Today’s post is about 5 things you can ditch to better start your mornings that actually begin with how you go to bed. 1. Go to Bed Early It’s not new information and yet most people don’t actually do it. Going to bed early is one…

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    Yoga for the Heart

    Last week I did my first in-person yoga class and it offered more than I ever anticipated what it could. The weeks leading up to the class were tough. There had been some darker days and days riddled with anxiety or just straight sadness. Neither of them fun, neither of them wanted. But they were there and I had to work through it. My heart was heavy and for so many reasons. I toyed with the idea of going to yoga thinking it could only do good. I played with the idea so much so that it felt like a ping pong game of going back and forth of the…

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    8 Things To Do For Self Care Days

    The last few weeks for me have been a little on the overwhelming side. It’s important to recognize when you need a little self care and some time for yourself. In the last couple weeks, there has been ups, downs, and everything in between. I pulled away from social media for a bit to gather myself, and although that helped, I always find myself looking for other ways to make me feel better and what better way than doing a little self care. If you read my post about Mental Health in Quarantine, you’ll already know that when we were told to stay home, my world got flipped on the…

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    Let’s Talk Mental Health in Quarantine

    With Covid-19 completely taking over the world, I have seen so many people finding and sharing their ways of coping throughout the madness. Some examples I’ve seen have been DIYs around their home, more self-care and reading, and at home fitness videos.  Before I go any further, I’ll preface by saying that the end of 2019 was a very hard time in my life. Although I had just gotten married, a series of events had taken place that triggered my mental state and when I reflect back, I’m shocked I was actually able to keep my shit together before our wedding. However, when we got back from our honeymoon I…