• Fresh

    My fresh Must Haves That Don’t Disappoint

    fresh is one of my absolute favourite skincare brands. Everything they come out with is better than the last which seems unimaginable but it’s true. I discovered fresh a few years ago when I got their Soy Face Cleanser on a whim and I’ve never looked back. Let’s chat about my all-time favs from fresh though, shall we? My Top fresh Products Soy Face Cleanser Like I mentioned above, the Soy Face Cleanser has been my go-to for literally years now. I don’t try many different cleansers when it comes to my face and typically stick to what I know and love. And this cleanser is exactly that what I…

  • Brushes

    How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

    Makeup is still a thing right? I definitely haven’t worn as much in the past year but I’ve had my days of doing a full face just because I needed a mood booster. Whatever you need to spark some joy for yourself these days I’m absolutely here for! But the question is: How often do you actually clean those brushes? Guilty as charged that it’s definitely not as frequent for me as it probably should be. I’ll be honest and put it out there and say that I use my brushes and blenders about 3ish times before I actually wash them. Gross, huh? But I have a pain free solution…

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    Lifestyle,  Weekly Little Thing Series

    Weekly Little Thing: A Clean Home

    Hello and happy Thursday! Short weeks are my absolute fav, how about you? Although do they really make a difference when we’re working from home and can’t leave the house? I’m not sure, but none the less, here we are already at the end of the week! Today’s little thing is something I grew up doing and loving that brings quite a bit of joy to me. It did take me having my own home to really take it in and appreciate it all though. Let’s get into it! Weekly Little Thing: A clean home There’s something about having a clean home that just hits the spot for me. I…

  • Lifestyle

    Mini Sephora Haul | What I Will & Won’t Purchase Again

    By pure coincidence, this little mini Sephora haul took on a colour theme and I’m not mad at it. This purchase was about finding those gold star hair products that will bring my locks back to life. Somewhere down the line, I’ve experienced some serious breakage and what better time than now to help get it restored. And since I was already putting an order in, I obviously took advantage of the Birthday treat and also restocked my staple products. This post is all about what I loved and didn’t love so much from this mini haul. I thought I would divide the post into two sections of what I’d…