• Dating

    Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day at Home

    Valentine’s Day is always a funny one, isn’t it? You either love it or hate it. I for one, don’t mind the “holiday” although we don’t necessarily partake in the gifts portion of it. My husband and I will buy each other little things we know the other will love, like our fav candy and a card, but that’s about it. Although he typically does still buy me roses, too. If you’re not a fan of gifts but still want to treat yourself, take a look at my Self-Care Gift Guide, here! However, I really just love love on Valentine’s Day. I do like acknowledging the day and doing something…

  • Christmas

    Thank You & Merry Christmas

    As if the universe for 2020 heard all our wishes and prayers, we woke up to a white Christmas this year! I don’t know about you, but I needed that sheet of snow to be here today. It adds to the Christmas magic and I’ll take all the magic I can get. However you are choosing to spend Christmas today, I hope it is filled with love, joy, and magic. Despite how different it is this year, let’s find some of the good feelings in all of it. Also, a very big thank you for coming along my blogmas journey and reading and engaging with all my holiday content. It…

  • Grateful

    10 Things I’m Grateful For This Year

    To say that this year has been a trying one is an understatement. It’s been hard, for so many people and for so many different reasons. But it’s also been a year where we saw and learned so much about ourselves and our world that it’s not something to forget or not acknowledge, either. I’ve seen many people on social media say how much they loved that their world has slowed down. How much they’ve been able to stop for a minute and actually breathe. This year taught us so much and really put things into perspective. I for one, have much to be grateful for despite some of the…

  • Special

    A Special Christmas Gift For a Special Lady

    Disclaimer: I recently went to my parents’ house and spent the day with them and my grandmother. I had been working on a gift to give my grandmother for Christmas and this past weekend I was able to give it to her. We stayed a safe distance away from each other, wore our masks, and I washed my hands multiple times while there. I would also like to mention that these photos are all zoomed in and appears closer than we were. If this post will upset you in any way, please swipe out now. Back in October shortly after my grandfather passed, I came up with the idea of…