• Year

    Why I Don’t Do New Year Resolutions Anymore

    I think it’s safe to say we’re all ready for a new year and to put 2020 behind us. From what I keep seeing online lately, everyone seems to be excited to welcome 2021 with open arms, myself included. It has been by far one of the hardest years many of us have ever experienced. It’s been a year of trying to stay afloat in so many regards that the excitement for a new year seems like the best way to press the restart button. A way to bring those coping skills we learned in 2020 to the forefront and prepare ourselves for a better and brighter year ahead. But…

  • Lip

    My Lip Mask Routine For a Dry Winter

    Today we’re talking lip care – hands up if you suffer from dry, chappy lips in the winter time! I am notorious for getting chapped lips during the cold months that sometimes they actually get super sore. This year I’m taking better care of my lips to help avoid the undesired chapped look and feeling. In today’s post, I’m sharing my top four lip products and masks that have become part of my skincare routine. Step One: Lip Scrub I was introduced to Bite Beauty when my cousin surprised my family and I to a girls day at Bite Beauty downtown Toronto. It was during that visit that I came…

  • Gift

    2020 Sephora Holiday Gift Sets For Every Budget

    Anyone else a sucker for the Sephora gift sections this time of year? I mean, the deals are always pretty decent and I can never help getting a little something something for myself as well when I see them. Even to try something new, there’s always something for everyone. The way they break it down to suit any budget is just so helpful ensuring that you can work within your means. Stocking stuffers under $25 – no problem! Full blown gift sets around $100 – got you covered. I didn’t do a full gift guide because I already have two – one for small businesses and another for sustainable living…

  • Deessert

    A Holiday Drink (or Dessert) to Enjoy This Year

    The holidays is all about the desserts, drinks included. I don’t shy away from all the yummy goodness this time of year because a) how can you and b) I also have zero self control, lol. I had my first “Christmas-y” drink on November 12th and wasn’t mad at it. I had a decedent hot chocolate and it was delicious and definitely got me ready to dive into the Christmas yummies. Today’s blog post is about those delicious treats we love to have this time of year. The one I made was super easy and qualifies more as a dessert. I also made a cute little DIY drink for two…