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    How to Clean Your Wedding Rings

    September is here and you know what that means?! Happy Wedding Month! My husband and I got married on Saturday, September 21, 2019 and it was by far, the most beautiful day. Our first anniversary is creeping up and we just can’t wait to celebrate. Seeing as I will be sharing wedding related blog posts for this month, I figured lets start off with the super easy and simple task of cleaning your wedding rings. Easy you might ask? Yes, easy. First and foremost, I clean my rings pretty regularly. If not every week than definitely every other. Since being at home more though, I have been doing it a…

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    The Day You Get Engaged

    Were you that girl (or guy) that dreamed of the day you’d get engaged? I definitely was. I thought I would know when it was going to happen as well, but turns out, I had literally no idea. The day you get engaged is a such a whirlwind. Emotions are flying at an all time high and you kind of walk around in a daze. The day we got engaged, I was in complete shock. I had no idea what to think or say, and truly couldn’t believe it actually happened. Today, July 21st, marks two years since my husband proposed. The pictures below are from that day and the…

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    My 5 Favourite Things About Planning Our Wedding

    Wedding Blues. It’s a thing. We spent over a year planning our wedding and once the day came, that was it, it was over. The e-mails came to an end, there were no more weekend meetings, and no more decisions to over think. I never thought I’d miss the planning, honestly, but I’d do it all again for sure. As stressful as it was (and boy, let me tell you about the stress), it was a really fun process for Shaun and I and we loved planning our special day together.   As for planning itself, I found it quite interesting interacting with vendors. It was absolutely crazy how the bride gets treated…