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    Weekly Little Thing Series

    Weekly Little Thing: Singing Your Favourite Songs

    It’s officially Spring and I cannot be more happy about that! Beautiful weather coming our way and it’s the first promise of brighter days ahead. Speaking of good weather, have you taken any walks outside lately? Nothing beats a good walk with some sunshine and fresh air. In case you missed it, that was the topic of the last weekly little thing post! You can read about it here if you’re interested. Without waiting, let’s get right into this week’s little thing though! Weekly Little Thing: Singing your favourite songs What’s better than belting out your favourite songs and having a jam session?! The answer is nothing. Nothing can brighten…

  • Laughing
    Weekly Little Thing Series

    Weekly Little Thing: Laughing Until it Hurts

    Happy Thursday, my friends! We’re already into April now and it’s pretty crazy to think about. If you missed last week’s little thing you can catch up on it here. All about going for walks and getting outside for that fresh air. Because honestly, what’s better than that? Let’s dive into todays post, shall we! Weekly Little Thing: Laughing until it hurts With the amount of sadness the world experienced last year, let’s chat about those happy, funny moments that happen in life and give them some light too! I’m talking about those moments where something funny happens and you begin laughing until it hurts or better yet, until there’s…

  • Nature
    Weekly Little Thing Series

    Weekly Little Thing: A Walk in Nature

    Nature is this Week’s Little Thing! More specifically, taking a walk in nature! How has everyone been doing? There was no Weekly Little Thing post last week because in all honesty I’ve been in a creative funk. It’s hard to stay motivated, creative, and “on” all the time. So last week I didn’t publish one and that’s okay. However you can read about the one before that here! Lets dive into the post because we also have this month’s special guest today, too! Weekly Little Thing: Going for a walk in nature If you follow me on Instagram you’ve most likely seen that I’ve really been trying to go for…

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    Weekly Little Thing Series

    Weekly Little Thing: Ticking Off Your To-Do List

    Happy Thursday, everyone! What a glorious week we’ve had with this weather. Have you gone outside to enjoy it? Highly recommend the fresh air and vitamin D! Let’s jump into our feel good little thing for this week! This Week’s Little Thing: Ticking off your to-do list I am a notorious planner. There is just something about planning ahead that makes me feel better about my days to come. Having lists makes me feel organized and ready to tackle what needs to get done. Whether in my personal life or work life, I am always making lists of things I need to do. I make daily lists, weekly lists, and…