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    Weekly Little Thing: Painting Your Nails

    Can you believe we’re at our seventh Little Thing? Time is seriously flying by. I hope you’ve been enjoying them and that they’re bringing a smile to your face if you resonate with any. If you’ve been following me on Instagram Stories you know I’ve been trying to get my joy back with this little thing lately. Let’s dive in, shall we! This Week’s Little Thing: Painting your nails Did you get your nails done on a regular basis before the pandemic? It’s a yes for me. After we got engaged back in 2018, I made a point to treat myself to a mani every month and I absolutely loved…

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    Weekly Little Thing: A Clean Home

    Hello and happy Thursday! Short weeks are my absolute fav, how about you? Although do they really make a difference when we’re working from home and can’t leave the house? I’m not sure, but none the less, here we are already at the end of the week! Today’s little thing is something I grew up doing and loving that brings quite a bit of joy to me. It did take me having my own home to really take it in and appreciate it all though. Let’s get into it! Weekly Little Thing: A clean home There’s something about having a clean home that just hits the spot for me. I…

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    Weekly Little Thing: Your Favourite TV Show

    Hello and happy Thursday, everyone! How’s everyone doing? Holding up okay? I hope this little things series is bringing you a sliver of happiness during these times. It’s hard to believe that this is already my fifth post for the series. Time is flying! This Week’s Little Thing: Watching your favourite TV show Do you ever just have days where your energy is low, motivation is close to zero, and all you want to do in snuggle up on the couch and watch something that will make you happy? There is nothing quite like not feeling your best and allowing yourself to take things at a slower pace and just…

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    Weekly Little Thing: A Good Book

    How is it February already?! I know January always seems super long for everyone but it notoriously flies by for me. Crazy that we’re already in the first week of our second month! Without rambling on too much today, let’s get straight to it! This Week’s Little Thing: Reading a book you can’t put down If you’re a reader you know this feeling all too well. There’s something about a good book that brings you so much joy. I for one, can never put the book down when I’m truly enjoying it. Whether your book is fiction, non-fiction, self-help, or a simple coffee table one, you can’t underestimate the value…