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Morning Habits That Start at Night


Are you a morning person? I definitely am. Even on days where I try and sleep in, my body naturally wakes up around 7/7:30 almost all the time.

We’re all guilty of doing things in the morning though that don’t give the advantage of starting the day off right. Like checking your phone the second you wake up – why do we do that? Today’s post is about 5 things you can ditch to better start your mornings that actually begin with how you go to bed.

1. Go to Bed Early

It’s not new information and yet most people don’t actually do it. Going to bed early is one of the best things you can do for a successful next day. I don’t mean going to bed at 8 p.m. though. I think depending on when you need to be up, 10 p.m. is a good place to start. Just keep in mind that means starting to get ready for bed around 9:30.

2. Put Your Phone on Do Not Disturb Mode

My husband has been telling me to do this for years now and I’ve only started doing it now. Kinda wish I listened to him earlier, not going to lie. Putting your phone on Do Not Disturb hides all notifications from popping up on your screen. Even with my brightness all the way down, I would still wake up to the faint light of a notification. Put your phone on this mode and see how much better your sleep gets!

3. Prepare Your Clothing the Night Before

By putting aside your outfit the evening before eliminates having to make those decisions in the morning. Even if you’re working from home, doing this allows you to actually get dressed in proper clothes and not stay in your track suit. Doing this task before bed gives you one less thing to think about if you’re tired in the morning.

4. Don’t Press Snooze

Guilty as charged for endlessly tapping that snooze button until the very last minute. Lately, I press snooze to slowly wake up and use those 10 minutes to open my eyes and stretch. Pressing snooze is one we all most likely do, but also one of the more harmful habits to our mornings. Skip the snooze and opt for 10 minutes to slowly wake up and open your eyes. You may even want to write in that gratitude journal you have on your nightstand. Or, try waking up a little earlier and do some yoga. Check out my post here about doing yoga for your heart.


5. Make Your Bed

If you’re working from home, it’s hard to differentiate your “home” space vs. your “work” space. Living in a condo, we can always see into our bedroom so we began making our bed when we woke up. Doing this is easy and helps you feel like you’ve already checked one thing off your to-do list that day. Plus, having an unmade bed makes it super easy to crawl back into and have your production levels plummet.

6. Bonus* Swap Your Morning Coffee For Lemon & Ginger

Having only started this recently, I’ve been having Lemon & Ginger right when I wake up instead of coffee. A shot of Lemon & Ginger will be sure to get you going, trust me. If you’re interested in doing this, check out the recipe I used here. It’s a great alternative and really gets your juices flowing to start your day. Not to mention all the health benefits that come along with it!

Are you a morning person? Let me know what some things are that you do to help get you started on the right foot!

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