• Husband and wife

    A Letter to My Husband

    A year ago today we said “I do” but it still feels like yesterday.  You are my everything and if I did one thing right throughout my life so far, it was marrying you this day last year. You are my person, through and through.  I have never seen you sexier than the way you looked on our wedding day. My Prince Charming, looking so dapper in his suit. With so much thought and effort put into your attire, you shined so bright. Your smile was so handsome and if I wasn’t already proud to stand beside you before our wedding day, I sure as heck was that day. I’ve…

  • Weddings

    My 5 Favourite Things About Planning Our Wedding

    Wedding Blues. It’s a thing. We spent over a year planning our wedding and once the day came, that was it, it was over. The e-mails came to an end, there were no more weekend meetings, and no more decisions to over think. I never thought I’d miss the planning, honestly, but I’d do it all again for sure. As stressful as it was (and boy, let me tell you about the stress), it was a really fun process for Shaun and I and we loved planning our special day together.   As for planning itself, I found it quite interesting interacting with vendors. It was absolutely crazy how the bride gets treated…