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There is no hiding it – I love my shoes. Since I can remember, my shoes have always, always been my favourite part of my outfits. And when I say shoes, I mostly mean heels. My side of the closet is stacked with shoes I’ve collected over the years and they all tell a story. But my favourite ones – like the ones I will stare at all dreamy-eyed for the rest of my life, are my wedding shoes. 

Before I ever met Shaun I always knew I wanted a pair of designer shoes for my wedding day. I wanted a pair that would be special and that would make me feel my absolute best in.

Today’s post is more just sharing my experience in finding my perfect pair. If you’re a shoe lover like I am, you’ll enjoy this one.

Where the Search Began

Leading up to our wedding, I was looking EVERYWHERE for my special pair. Nordstrom’s website was saved for morning scrolling to see if anything new was released and I did this for months. Some pairs I found and loved but none that gave me heart eyes to actually purchase them. I was looking high and low on endless websites but always kept turning up short.

It got to a point where I began to think I wasn’t going to find them or that they didn’t exist. The kicker too was that I didn’t know what I was really looking for. The colour, the style and detail – I was completely open minded in my search. Although I did know that whenever I found them, I’d know.

Then It Happened

It wasn’t until one Sunday morning when I was doing my routine Nordstrom scrolling that bam! There they were. More beautiful than I could ever even imagine. I sat up in bed, panicked, quickly checked the price, made a sad face, then frantically checked my size. They were in stock. Then I sat there wondering if it was really necessary for me to have these. If you’ve planned a wedding before, you know that they don’t come without a price tag. It was extreme happy to extreme sad all at once. I couldn’t justify spending hundreds of dollars on a pair of shoes regardless of how beautiful. So I put my phone down and tried to forget about them.

Key word, tried. And not for anything, I did try really hard.

mom and daughter

Time Went On

Weddings are expensive, there’s no denying it and I was sick to my stomach thinking I could buy these shoes. It just wasn’t in the cards. So I kept trying to move on from them. I began my search once more, again looking high and low to hopefully stumble on a pair I loved just as much.

However, if you know me, you know that when my heart is set on something it’s hard to deviate. As time went on, I wasn’t any closer to finding my special pair of shoes and was feeling quite defeated.

Then it happened. The day came where I checked Nordstrom’s website (just to peak at them again) and they were officially out of stock. I was devastated. As the months went on, they continued to be out of stock in my size and preferred colour. At that point, I completely halted looking for another pair. I was so upset and just nothing compared or even came close to these ones I fell in love with. 


But the Hockey Gods Came Through

Now, fast forward to the end of hockey season – June-ish and about 3 months away from the wedding. Shaun typically runs a hockey pool around playoffs and I just so happened to win first place. Now, of course I was happy, I just won a pool for the second year in a row. But who cares about that, I had extra money to buy my shoes! 

The evening I won and my winnings were confirmed, I checked the Nordstrom website for the shoes. I had no idea if they were still out of stock because so much time had gone by. But ya know what?! THERE WAS ONE PAIR OF SIZE 7 LEFT IN MY COLOUR!! I’m telling you, you can’t make this up. I was screaming on the couch and losing my mind. I swear to you I could have not checked out any faster. After a very anxious 10 minutes of virtual checkout, THE SHOES WERE MINE! What I won from the hockey pool was the exact amount I needed for the shoes. I swear, if there were ever shoe or hockey Gods, they were on my side throughout this process.

I’m a huge believer in that “everything happens for a reason” and boy did the universe show up for me. The timing was incredible and the chances of one size 7 being available was impeccable. It was like it was meant for them to go out of stock so it could all line up. It was meant to be that I couldn’t buy them earlier and that the hockey Gods guided my decision making for the pool to make all the right picks. I honestly couldn’t believe I won the pool and was able to buy the shoes solely from that win. Also, I love that this is a full circle kind of story. I’m a hockey girl through and through so this whole process was just too good to be true. 


Forever Mine

Needless to say, a few weeks later they were delivered and I was on cloud nine. I could have got married the next day because who cares about anything else, I had my shoes. However, because they were so special to me, I bought a second pair of shoes to wear to our reception. Less expensive, less stressful. But those too were pretty damn cute and were just made to be worn with my dress. 

On Our Wedding Day

On the day of our wedding, of course my dress covered my shoes and nobody knew what I was wearing on my feet, but I did. I love standing tall beside Shaun in a stunning pair of shoes – it makes me feel confident and beautiful. I did my forever favourite walk with my dad down the aisle to my husband in what will be the most beautiful pair of shoes I will ever own. There is no price on that.


Post Wedding Wear

Now, the burning question: Will I ever wear them again? YES. Yes I will. They are just too beautiful to stay in a box in our closet collecting dust. They will be worn, loved, and taken care of because they’re so special to me.

Although I haven’t worn them since the wedding, I’m wearing them for the second time on our anniversary. Due to the pandemic, we weren’t going anywhere so I had no opportunity to wear them much. But I do love how it will be our first anniversary that I strut around in them again.

These shoes brought me so much joy and I’m eternally grateful that I was able to purchase them. Nothing had come close. My plan is to wear them when Shaun and I go on dates. Whether they’re walks at night in downtown Oakville, or any date night for that matter. They might be fancy for just any occasion but I’ll know what they mean and walk a little happier. 

Moral of the story: Finding the right pair of shoes for your wedding day is like finding the right man. When you know, you know.

Bride and Groom

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