Weekly Little Thing Series

Weekly Little Thing: Ticking Off Your To-Do List


Happy Thursday, everyone! What a glorious week we’ve had with this weather. Have you gone outside to enjoy it? Highly recommend the fresh air and vitamin D!

Let’s jump into our feel good little thing for this week!

This Week’s Little Thing:

Ticking off your to-do list

I am a notorious planner. There is just something about planning ahead that makes me feel better about my days to come. Having lists makes me feel organized and ready to tackle what needs to get done.

Whether in my personal life or work life, I am always making lists of things I need to do. I make daily lists, weekly lists, and even monthly ones too if it permits. But that little joy I’m talking about today isn’t about lists, it’s all about ticking off those tasks.

Even if you wrote down, “make my bed”, it is so incredibly satisfying to tick it off. You know the feeling, I’m sure you do. The joy that comes from a list completely ticked off just has so much satisfaction in it! This feeling is often accompanied with the feeling of accomplishment! Ticking tasks off makes you feel productive with your time and day, and feels like you got stuff done! I’m a busy body and need to always have something on the go, so lists help me zone in on what I need to focus on. But checking those tasks off, man oh man, that has to be one of the most satisfying feelings ever!

To keep my lists in check (because there’s a lot), I use my Content Planner and a beautiful day planner from an Etsy shop called, posypaper. They both work so well at keeping me on track and allowing space to have my many lists at my finger tips.

Are you a list maker and love to tick off your tasks, too?

In case you missed last week’s little thing, you can find it here!


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