Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day at Home

Valentine’s Day is always a funny one, isn’t it? You either love it or hate it. I for one, don’t mind the “holiday” although we don’t necessarily partake in the gifts portion of it. My husband and I will buy each other little things we know the other will love, like our fav candy and a card, but that’s about it. Although he typically does still buy me roses, too. If you’re not a fan of gifts but still want to treat yourself, take a look at my Self-Care Gift Guide, here!

However, I really just love love on Valentine’s Day. I do like acknowledging the day and doing something sweet with my husband. If you feel the same, below I give you 6 different things you can do this Valentine’s Day at home!

1. Have Breakfast in Bed

If there’s anything we love in this house, it’s Sunday brunch. Bonus if one of us wakes up first and surprises the other with bacon and eggs in bed. Nothing says “I love you” like food and coffee in bed. Give this one a try if it’s not something you typically do. It’ll be sure to start your day off with hearts and bellies full.

2. Go for a Walk in Nature

Nothing beats fresh air and if you’ve been watching my stories on Instagram lately, you know that I’ve been going on daily walks. Going out and discovering a trail in your neighbourhood can be so good for the soul. If you can and are able to, try spending some quality time together off the couch and outside.

3. Build a Fort to Watch Movies in

This one is always a fun one for us! Although we don’t necessarily build a fort, we bring our bed mattress out into the living room with all the blankets and pillows and get super cozy to watch movies. It’s fun and changes things up a bit from your usual spots on the couch. Bonus if you have kids, I’m sure they’d get a kick out of this, too!

4. Cook Your Favourite Meal Together

One thing we typically love to do is make dinner together. We don’t always do it side-by-side but when we do it’s something we really enjoy. The other day we chatted about making our own pizza which is something we absolutely love doing. Plus, makes for a friendly competition of “who’s pizza is better” if you each make your own.

5. Pour a Glass of Wine and Talk

If cooking isn’t your thing to do together, order in and pour yourselves a glass of wine to enjoy while you wait for dinner to arrive. Put the devices away and sit and talk to each other, distraction free. We are so glued to screens these days that it’s important to remember to break from them every so often. Having a glass of wine and enjoying each other’s company is always one of my absolute fav things to do. Take it up a notch and dress up for each other and spray your favourite scents for the extra romance. There’s nothing quite like a well put together man who smells incredible.

You an also read more about the story behind these scents we wore for our wedding, here.

Valentine's Day

6. Bake a Cake Together

In our house, I’m the baker and Shaun’s the decorator. He adds the sprinkles with all the fixings to make them look cute. Try baking a cake and decorating it with your favourite things. Or, make bite-sized cupcakes to have as little treats throughout the day. If baking isn’t your thing, nothing says Valentine’s Day like chocolate covered strawberries and they’re easy peasy!

Let me know if any of these stand out to you and if you’ll be planning on doing anything special!

Do you and your partner celebrate Valentine’s Day?


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