• Wedding Day

    How To Re-Live Your Wedding Day

    Today marks the end of wedding posts (for now) and I hope you enjoyed them! This last one is about how to re-live your special day by adding in one small detail. The idea I’m sharing isn’t my own, however. I religiously watch Youtuber, Lydia Elise Millen and she planned her wedding a few years ago and this idea came from her. Once I watched Lydia announce this on her channel, I knew it was a must for Shaun and I when the time came. It’s not ground breaking or anything like that, just a simple way to help bring you back to your wedding day. Funny how some things can do…

  • Wedding

    Weddings: The Groom’s Perspective

    Weddings are so heavily focused on Brides and what their wants and visions are that often times, the Groom might get a little neglected. I definitely found this to be the case when we were planning our wedding. As much as Shaun was included on the planning (we split as much as we could 50/50) the attention was mostly directed towards myself. So this post is about all things leading up to the day and the wedding day itself but from the Groom’s Perspective. It’s their day too so let’s have some fun with it, shall we? Overall, how did you enjoy planning our wedding? Um, I enjoyed it. I…

  • Rings

    How to Clean Your Wedding Rings

    September is here and you know what that means?! Happy Wedding Month! My husband and I got married on Saturday, September 21, 2019 and it was by far, the most beautiful day. Our first anniversary is creeping up and we just can’t wait to celebrate. Seeing as I will be sharing wedding related blog posts for this month, I figured lets start off with the super easy and simple task of cleaning your wedding rings. Easy you might ask? Yes, easy. First and foremost, I clean my rings pretty regularly. If not every week than definitely every other. Since being at home more though, I have been doing it a…