How to Clean Your Wedding Rings

September is here and you know what that means?! Happy Wedding Month! My husband and I got married on Saturday, September 21, 2019 and it was by far, the most beautiful day. Our first anniversary is creeping up and we just can’t wait to celebrate.

Seeing as I will be sharing wedding related blog posts for this month, I figured lets start off with the super easy and simple task of cleaning your wedding rings. Easy you might ask? Yes, easy.

First and foremost, I clean my rings pretty regularly. If not every week than definitely every other. Since being at home more though, I have been doing it a little less since I’m not wearing them as often, but the point is, I ensure my rings stay as clean as possible. Along with that schedule of cleaning, before any event we attend, I clean them before those, too. Now, this “cleaning of your rings” isn’t just limited to just that. When I clean my rings, I typically do my necklace and bracelet as well.

With all of us using hand sanitizer like it’s a hand cream these days, our diamonds can get a little foggy.

So, lets get started!

What You’ll Need

  • Mug or bowl
  • Kettle with boiling water
  • Dawn dish soap – I use this one
  • A new toothbrush
  • Small cloth
  • Jewellery pieces to be cleaned
Soap and kettle

Getting Started

When I first begin the process, I start with boiling the water in the kettle and while that’s doing its thing, I gather my other items.

Next I grab a mug (I typically reach for my Wifey one because, well, why not), and then place everything I’d like to be cleaned inside it.

Once everything is placed inside the mug, I pour a few drops of Dawn dish soap on top of the pieces.

By that point, the kettle will be close to finished so I grab my toothbrush and cloth and place it beside the mug. A tip for this, is to keep the toothbrush in your utensil drawer! I keep mine there with the straws for easy access. It helps being in there because it saves time from trying to find the brush for every clean and is just super convenient.

After the water has come to a full boil, I pour it into the mug, filling it 3/4 of the way. You don’t need to fill it this much, I’d say as long as you have enough water to cover what you’re cleaning, you’re good to go!

Clean rings
Clean rings

Now, as the soap and water do its thing, I go and finish getting ready or do whatever it was I was doing before. Typically I like to let my rings sit for at least half an hour or right up until we need to leave. Dawn is so gentle and really helps get all the dirt out that gets stuck in-between the diamonds from everyday wear. Another tip is to always, always tell your significant other that you’re cleaning your rings because you don’t want them to come along and splash out the water to put the mug in the dishwasher and then have your rings fall out into the sink. This has never happened to me but I keep my mug beside the kettle instead of the sink while its soaking and always tell my husband I’m doing this so he knows not to dump that water.

Now, there are defiantly cleaning solutions you can buy that might be a faster process and not as much “work”, but I cannot be bothered to remember buying another product when I know I always have Dawn on hand and ready to use.

Cleaning Your Rings

Once some time has passed and you’re ready to clean them, work with one piece at a time. You’ll see a difference with them just being in the soapy water after a few minutes and you can even opt out of the scrubbing. When time permits, I scrub with the brush. Taking one ring out of the water at a time, I wet my toothbrush with the same soapy water and gently scrub the ring going in all different directions. I do this for about a minute or so and then rinse under warm water. After that’s done, I place it on the cloth to air dry and repeat. It sounds like a process with lots of steps but I assure you, its super quick and easy.

Clean rings
Clean rings
Clean rings
Clean rings

And that’s it! Toss the water, put the mug in the dishwasher, and rinse out your toothbrush for next time!

Do you have a way of cleaning your rings and other jewelry? Let me know if you try my process and how you like it!

And in case you’re looking for wedding content and can’t wait until next week, check out my post here on what I loved about planning our wedding!

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