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Organizing Your Shoes (And Keeping Them That Way)

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Steve Madden shoe box

If there’s one thing us women have a lot of, its shoes. I mean the options are endless really, and you can’t just have “two pairs”. My mother-in-law’s friend taught me this trick a few years ago now and I’m sharing it today because it’s so good and I feel like others should know about it, too. I love organizing the home and what better thing to keep tidy than your shoes! Read more about the process below!

First, Lets Bring You To The Chaos

You have a formal event to go to, you’re running late because you took forever doing your hair and makeup. To save you some time because you needed to leave about 15 minutes ago, you ask your husband to grab your shoes from the closet. Insert problem here. You’re finishing up getting ready and he starts yelling for what shoe you wanted – if its the pair with the strap or the pair with the lower heel. You call back that it’s the black pair with the strap but your husband wasn’t sure which pair exactly, so he pulls down 10 shoe boxes and puts them on the bed for you to pick. Having zero time to put them all away before you leave, they wait until you come home drunk to navigate the Jenga game of putting them away, or, you toss them all on the floor until the next morning for them only to stay there a couple days. Either option works, but why do this every time? It doesn’t have to be such a process.

Here’s The Solution

After having that mind blowing conversation with my mother-in-law’s friend, I can’t tell you how fast I went home to re-orgainze my closet. It’s a simple solution for a girl with a few pairs of shoes who can’t be bothered to keep pulling out every pair she owns when she’s only looking for one.

On a day where you have time to put the effort in, take all of your shoe boxes out of the closet. Find a space where you can take pictures of each pair individually, front and back or side view, whichever you prefer. Get those pictures developed and tape the pictures of the pair on to the corresponding shoe boxes. I decided to cut the pictures down to better fit on the boxes. I used my scrapbooking paper trimmer for easy cutting but if you don’t have one, here’s a similar option. Once you’re done cutting and taping, stack them all back in the closet and marvel at how much easier grabbing shoes will forever be. Et voilĂ ! It’s seriously that easy.

Show Box
Shoe organization

This method is tried, true, and tested. It creates such an ease when looking for a pair and gives the organizer in you a great big high-five! Also, in a time where organizing your home has completely taken over the internet, how fun would it be to tackle something like your shoes instead of what’s under the sink, because meh, that doesn’t give me as much joy.

Are you a shoe lover too? Do you have a way to keep your pairs in a tidy manner or do you just wing it and go with the flow? Let me know, I’m curious how other people do it!

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