Weekly Little Thing Series

Weekly Little Thing: A Walk in Nature

Nature is this Week’s Little Thing! More specifically, taking a walk in nature!

How has everyone been doing? There was no Weekly Little Thing post last week because in all honesty I’ve been in a creative funk. It’s hard to stay motivated, creative, and “on” all the time. So last week I didn’t publish one and that’s okay. However you can read about the one before that here!

Lets dive into the post because we also have this month’s special guest today, too!

Weekly Little Thing:

Going for a walk in nature


If you follow me on Instagram you’ve most likely seen that I’ve really been trying to go for frequent walks outside. It doesn’t happen everyday but I do try my best to get out there.

Getting that fresh air, breeze against your face, and sunshine beaming down really does wonders for your mind and soul. We live by Lake Ontario and I try to walk there each time I go out. Being close to the water and seeing the waves crash against the rocks just brings me so much fulfilment.

Going for walks allows you to really take in nature and what’s around you. I always take earphones with me to listen to music or podcasts but sometimes I take them out and just listen to what’s around me. Being surrounded by nature is a beautiful thing.

I love being outside and really just zoning the world out. It’s such an escape from our everyday routines and nothing beats moving your body in some fresh air. Now that it’s started to get a bit nicer outside I’ve gone on a few runs too and boy have I missed them! What a luxury to get outside and just enjoy the world.

I am so incredibly happy to share this month’s guest with you! She is just the sweetest person I think I’ve ever met on social media. Here she is:



Chelle truly has a heart of gold and I absolutely love that we’ve connected. She is very inspiring and often knows just what to say. We’ve had so many conversations where I feel like she’s literally reading my mind. She’s super down to earth and really is a person I love to show up on Instagram to connect with.

This talented lady shares content that one can only dream of putting out there. She’s a photographer and her work truly is so beautiful. Her photos highlight well thought out posts of lifestyle and well-being. Also, she photographs her smoothie bowls and one word: goals! If you don’t follow her already, you can find her on Instagram at @imagesofchelle

Here’s What Chelle Has to Say:

I’m so excited to add a small piece to this amazing blog. Thank you, Alex, for having me! Going on a walk has become such an important part of my day, especially this past year. Before it was a way to get out of the office and force myself to get some fresh air. Now it’s a way to get out of the house.

I used to only want to walk on a warm sunny day, but now I try to embrace whatever weather Mother Nature gives us and just dress appropriately. It’s a different way to destress- to be completely removed from screens, distractions, phone calls, etc. There’s nothing else to do, or that can be done while I’m out in nature. It’s the force of having to concentrate on my surroundings that helps me to breathe deeply and take it all in. Being cooped up in a home office isn’t good for the body or mind. Taking a walk outside gets my blood moving, clears my head, helps me think of new ideas, makes me feel happier, healthier, and refreshed! If you’re familiar with my profile, you know I’m a chronic workaholic who’s always striving for more balance- a walk each day is just one way I achieve this.

Have you gone for walks in nature lately?


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