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Weekly Little Thing: Laughing Until it Hurts

Happy Thursday, my friends! We’re already into April now and it’s pretty crazy to think about.

If you missed last week’s little thing you can catch up on it here. All about going for walks and getting outside for that fresh air. Because honestly, what’s better than that?

Let’s dive into todays post, shall we!

Weekly Little Thing:

Laughing until it hurts

With the amount of sadness the world experienced last year, let’s chat about those happy, funny moments that happen in life and give them some light too!

I’m talking about those moments where something funny happens and you begin laughing until it hurts or better yet, until there’s tears coming down your face. We all know those kind of laughs. Simply put, they’re what life’s all about. You can’t take life too seriously. If you do, you’ll never experience this kind of happiness and we just can’t have that.

It doesn’t matter what you’re laughing about really, you just need to enjoy the happiness that surges through you and with the ones you’re with.

Those holding your stomach, catching your breath moments are such a great part of life. And if we can’t laugh until we cry, what are we even doing here? Being home for nearly a year definitely made for some good laughs, I must say. Ones we probably would have never had if not for being home. So a silver lining for the last year is that we were able to have more laughing, feel good moments. And you can’t be mad at that.

If you haven’t had a good laugh recently, here’s a video my husband and I came across on TikTok. In all honesty, we had tears streaming down our face. Even as I watched it to link it here, I almost spat out my tea. Sometimes it’s just the simplest, silliest things that make for a good laugh. Hope it gives you at least a giggle!

Do you have any memories of laughing until it hurts?


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