Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick, Canada

Traveling The Bay of Fundy – New Brunswick, Canada

flying a kite
Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick, Canada

While it saddens me to write this, it looks like most 2020 travel plans are being post-poned, ours included. I’ve been seeing a lot of questions circulate about where people want to travel to once this is all over and it looks like most answers are really anywhere other than the living room couch. 

All the travel talk got me thinking about the many trips my husband and I have been on throughout our dating years. We’ve been on about 1 trip a year and they’ve all been kind of different. In recently chatting about these trips, we talked about which were our favourites and that got me thinking of today’s blog post. 

About 3 years ago, Shaun and I decided to pack our bags and drive to the East Coast. We had nothing planned and had an open road ahead of us. Although it was a long drive there, it was one of our bests. Our peak destination was PEI and my oh my, how beautiful it was. Everywhere you turned there was natural beauty. It really, truly made me appreciate my country more than ever before. But what I wanted to touch on today was one of the last spots we went to which was in New Brunswick.

Below are some tips and tricks for you to keep in mind for traveling to the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick, Canada.

Research The Tide Times

When we planned for our trip to PEI we actually didn’t plan too much. We wanted to leave all our stops (both getting there and back) open-ended and see what the days brought us. We did some research as to what we wanted to see and the Bay of Fundy was on our list to stop at on our way home. The night before we were set to leave for New Brunswick, we looked up what time the park opened and the time we needed to be there for low tide (when you’re able to walk on the ocean floor). Because we were driving from Halifax, we needed to leave quite early in the morning to make it there. You do have a few hours to experience the walk before the high tide comes in, but we wanted as much time to explore as possible so we made sure to get there early. The tide times change daily, so be sure to check the website for peak times when you plan to go. You can plan to visit high tide first as well, but we chose to see low tide first – it’s all up to you!

ocean floor tide
hopewell rocks
hopewell rocks

Dress Appropriately

Take a lesson learned from me, that cute shoes are not for this type of adventure! I wanted to be able to take cute Instagram pictures, so I left my sandals on and oh em gee, what a mess, lol. Shaun was laughing so hard at me as my feet literally sunk into the ocean floor. Needless to say, we had to make the trek back to the car for me to change into my running shoes and even those got ruined. Just wear boots or water shoes, it’ll save you the hassle. Be prepared to get a little dirty down there though, because after all, you are walking on ocean floor.

muddy feet

Have A Blanket To Sit On

In between tides, you have some time to kill. The tides are in a National Park and you’re able to further explore it with hiking trials and such if you’re interested in that. They also have High Tide Café where you can buy burgers and hotdogs to tie you over for lunch which is what we did. They have a picnic table area along with lots of grass in case the tables are occupied. Like I mentioned, there is plenty of time to explore the park in between tides, but if you’re like us and had an early start to the morning, bring a blanket or sleeping bag to lay on to relax and enjoy the scenery. We had a mid-day snooze and it was absolutely wonderful.   

laying on the grass

Camera, Sunscreen, & Water

Put your sunscreen on before you head out for the day, but bring your water bottle and camera with you. For this trip, I really wish we had a high end camera instead of just our phones. Although the phones took great pictures, they would have just been a little more elevated with a proper camera. Bring your water if it’s a hot day out like it was for us, but be willing to hold it for the duration you’re down there. If you’re not okay with that, then definitely opt out, but just something to keep in mind as you can be down there for a few hours with the hot sun.

walking the ocean floor

Visiting Hopewell Rocks was an experience of a lifetime and I highly recommend adding the destination to your travelling bucket list. We had so much fun exploring the ocean floor and really taking in the beauty of the world. We even stood in silence at the edge of the water watching the tide inch closer and closer with each new wave. It was incredible.

Have you ever been to the Bay of Fundy? If not, what’s a unique destination you have been to? Any amazing ones in Canada?

Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick, Canada

at home picnic

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  • Britt K

    So beautiful! I went to the Bay of Fundy when I was a teen, and absolutely loved it. My husband has never been out to explore the east coast, so we’ve been talking about doing a big road trip someday when travel restrictions have lifted and we’re able to head out again. It would be such a fun trip!

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