• Mother's Day

    Mother’s Day 2021 Gift Guide From Local Shops

    Mother’s Day is around the corner already, can you believe that?! How on earth did we get here so fast? In today’s post, I created a gift guide for you to get those juices flowing and begin thinking about what you’re getting mom this Mother’s Day. As I’ve done in my last few gift guides (which you can look at here and here for even more ideas), I’ve picked items from local, Canadian shops to help encourage local shopping. As I’m sure everyone is aware, they need us right now so lets try and keep them in mind when doing our shopping. I personally love all of these items I…

  • Coffee

    Top 3 Oakville Coffee Shops I Love (& You Will Too)

    Top 3 coffee shops in Oakville? Seems hard to choose just 3 and trust me it was! Who doesn’t love a good cup of hot coffee? Personally, I love a well made cappuccino or latte as opposed to straight coffee. But the wonderful scent of coffee beans will honestly never get old. Our beloved artisan coffee shops have been closed for quite some time because of the pandemic. Which is super sad because if there’s one thing that people have missed, it’s coffee dates with friends! There’s just something about sitting in a café with the world buzzing around you that brings peace to the heart. Although there’s nothing I’d…

  • Blogging

    Blogging Tips: What I Learned Through My First Year

    Pin For Later Blogging has been something I’ve been interested in for years. Before Youtube, before casually scrolling through socials. I loved getting lost in someone’s blog and being invested in their life journey. When I finished University is when I finally had time to dabble into the blogging world. Long, long story short, I had a blog back in 2017 but never really took it seriously. There was so much to learn and I didn’t put the effort in. Because of that I eventually stopped. Which felt like a complete failure but here we are doing it again! In today’s post, I’m sharing some tips I learned from my…

  • Reflection

    Reflection On a Pandemic Year & What I Learned

    Reflection on the past year is a thing because we’ve hit the one year mark of being in a pandemic. Insert mind blown emoji here. Who would have thought we’d be living in this world for a whole damn year and still going?! It’s hard to believe a whole year has passed. On one hand it felt like it flew by but on the other it felt like days seemed so long. I think we can all agree that it has just been one of the weirdest years on record. This post is a reflection of everything I’ve learned throughout the year. The last year gave us the chance to…