• Motivated

    How to Stay Motivated Throughout the Year

    I think we can all agree that a new year comes with new goals and intentions. Like I mentioned in this post, I don’t set new year resolutions and actually haven’t for years – I think they’re a bunch of crap. I found them doing more damage than good. Often leaving me unsatisfied and with zero motivation to take on the year ahead despite what they’re intended for. In this blog post, I chat about ways to keep yourself motivated going into the months ahead. It’s important to set goals and plan what you’d like to achieve that year. That alone will provide you with all kinds of motivation. Take…

  • Puppy

    Adopting With Save Our Scruff

    If you live in the GTA and you’re a puppy lover, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Save Our Scruff which is an adopting organization for dogs. Before we dive into the post though, you’ve been warned, you’re about to see some extremely cute pictures of our puppy, Parker who we adopted from SOS. When we made the decision to get a puppy, we knew that whatever we did we wanted to do our best to find one we could adopt. We found Save Our Scruff through a friend who mentioned how amazing they were and they were right. We began following their IG account to watch for puppies…

  • Lifestyle

    Taking Ikea Furniture to the Next Level

    We all know and love Ikea so much for what it is. Simple, modern, and affordable. Okay, maybe not so much simple and more like a 2 for 1 relationship test, but let’s be honest, Ikea is so good for so many different reasons. What happens though if you want to upgrade a piece to give it that little difference you think it needs? Today’s post is all about how I took our average Ikea bedside tables and gave them a little DIY makeover! Materials You’ll Need Ikea side table. We have these ones by the HEMNES line Adhesive vinyl of a pattern you love. I chose a marble one…

  • The Little Things Blog

    Bath Buddies – Starting & Continuing My Side Hustle

    Bath Buddies. My OG side hustle. There’s been ups, downs, and messy in-betweens. With having hit a personal goal of 1500 followers on Instagram recently, I felt that today on the blog I’ll share how I started my little shop and how far it’s come since its beginning back in 2017. My worlds of a small shop and blog, officially colliding. At the beginning of 2020, I had serious thoughts of closing my little shop. So much so that I had customers messaging me about how they were loving my products to me responding with, “that makes me so happy but I’m thinking of closing down my shop”. They were…